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1. I have a medical condition. Where can I post my questions?
The LiveHealthClub Forums is a great way to reach out to millions of other users and medical professionals and get valuable feedback on your Health Questions. To View questions or post your question, Click here to visit the LiveHealthClub Forums.

2. I would like to advertise on your website.
Advertising is currently supported only through the Google Adwords Platform.
Please visit Google Adwords to place an advertisement on LiveHealthClub through the content network.

3. How do I unsubscribe from this website?
To stop receiving emails from LiveHealthClub use the Unsubscribe Page.

4. How do I delete my LiveHealthClub Account?
To delete your account from LiveHealthClub just Click Here
You will receive a confirmation mail to the email address provided during registration, Click on the link to get delisted from LiveHealthClub.
Please remember, this action is irreversible! If you change your mind, you will have to create a brand new account!

5. I accidentally sent out invitations to my contacts. How can I undo this?
The LiveHealthClub Invitation is a one time mail and is followed up by a reminder email for the same after a few weeks. If you do not wish your contacts to be receiving any emails from your account in the future Click here.

6. How can I change the email address that you send your newsletters to?
The LiveHealthClub Newsletter at present can only be received on the email address you have signed up with. To receive the Newsletter on a different email address you would need to make a new account with that email address and discontinue the old one.

7. I do not receive newsletters in my inbox
Please check your bulk/spam folder. If you find our emails reaching your bulk/spam folder click on the "Not Spam" button on the email. Also you can add support@livehealthclub.com to your contacts to make sure our emails always reach your inboxes on time.

8. How do I view your website in another language?
You can use the Google Translate Facility to View LiveHealthClub in about a dozen Languages.
Please Click here to view LiveHealthClub in a language of your choice.

9. I am receiving SMS and being billed on my cell phone. Is the site free?
LiveHealthClub is a 100% Free Website. LiveHealthClub does not send any sms. If you are receiving SMS advertisements or billable sms, you have opted in to a mobile offer advertisement from our advertising partner or through an advertiser site you have visited through advertisements shown on the website.
You will need to call up your Cellular Service provider to guide you on the sms.

10. I have forgotten my LiveHealthClub Password. Can I get it back?
Please do not forget your password. It has been encrypted in our database and we cannot retrieve it for you. If you forget your password you can request a new one. Click here to get a new password

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